Play by Play: The Rise of "Hydra Cap"

Play by Play: The Rise of "Hydra Cap"

Ever since the fallout of Civil War II, all MARVEL fan's have been talking about is "HYDRA CAP".  It's been a very GREAT comic book run IMO, there is controversy over the story arc, and some refuse to give it a chance.  With Secret Empire underway, after an Amazing #0 issue, let's back track on how Steve Rogers became the greatest threat to the current Marvel landscape.


Back in the pleasant Hill story line, we saw Maria Hill snatch away free will from criminals via the cosmic cube.  Through an accident the cosmic cube had become sentient, and taken the form of a young girl.  So, that's two strikes for Maria Hill off the bat.  Three since she did this without the proper authorization.  The cube, or Kobik soon falls into the hands of an already overpowered and bored Red Skull.  The Skull then Manipulates Kobik, (like hill did, but you expect that from him since he's the bad guy right?) and teaches her that Hydra is a force for good.  Citing government corruption, wars brought on by superheros, and how Hydra is all than can change it.

So, Maria Hill is clearly on the shit list if you haven't noticed, but she's not even number one.  Remember Civil War II ?  Where all the heroes fought, again?  Though in the public eye in the Marvel universe Carol got off clean while profiling individuals, for crimes they hadn't committed, tried to throw a few heroes in jail too, and publicly "killed" Iron Man (got rhodey killed too), and was given the keys to America pretty much.  The Marvel U is corrupt what we needed was a REAL HERO.


The Hero America NEEDS, not the one it Deserves  (because everyone is complaining and not reading)

The Hero America NEEDS, not the one it Deserves (because everyone is complaining and not reading)

Now obviously, this isn't the same Steve you all know and love.  His views and ideals are positive, though somewhat distorted.  Kobik's concept of Hydra as force for good was used to alter Herr Rogers.  Which means Steve is out there fighting the good fight.

  • Calling Tony out on his BS
  • Letting Carol know how far she's fallen
  • Removing Maria Hill from power

Some of his other methods have been jarring to the senses, but what Cap is really doing  is holding up a mirror to society.

  • Allows the media to tear apart Sam Wilson to prove a point about "Freedom" in America
  • Kills Ameri-corps founder for gentrifying neighborhoods for profit, under the guise of public protection

What are his ideals though? is he a servant of the red skull? Not even...

  • Even in his altered reality Steve still always hated the skull
  • He's more like a Libertarian Cap than a Nazi Cap

Taking power from the corrupt corporations, politicians and superheros and giving it back to you the people. *Nolan-verse Bane Voice* How did he pull off this coupe though?  On some badass Dr.Doom level ish that's how! (check out Secret Empire #0)

  • I could feel Sharon's heart Rip in half :'(
  • Carol getting what she deserves is so satisfying

"If you think the government gives you your rights, don't be surprised when the government takes them away"  Cap is fighting for you, whether you choose to see it or not.  This is shaping up to be the best Marvel event in years.  I trust in Spencer #HAIL HYDRA

Secret Empire (2017-) #0
By Nick Spencer
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