Why you should be reading Gail Simone's CLEAN ROOM

Clean Room is about the Honest World Foundation - a semi self-help/religious society. Its creator started out as an obscure writer of disposable horror fiction who decided to change the world—one mind at a time. Now its adherents rule Hollywood while obeying their leader’s every command. 

That’s almost all that anyone knows about the movement—or is it a cult?—founded by reclusive guru Astrid Mueller. But reporter Chloe Pierce is sure that there’s something deeper hiding behind Honest World’s façade. Her fiancé was a devoted follower of Mueller, right up to the moment that he blew his brains out while holding a copy of her book. Now Chloe wants answers from the woman whose words command the loyalty of millions—and she’s ready to storm the top-secret sanctuary known as the Clean Room to get them.

But there’s more to Astrid Mueller than Chloe could ever imagine—and the truth that she’s about to discover is more astonishing than any of Astrid’s accomplishments, and more terrifying than any of her novels.

The character of Astrid is intense and driven, with an iron will and a seemingly endless supply of followers. Her relationship with the other lead, Chloe, develops as Chloe unabashedly infiltrates the Honest World Foundation, bluntly explaining that she doesn't believe in it but she wants answers for her fiance's death. The reader can really sympathize with her and her reactions to all the bizarre events in the books, and to her increasing fascination with the enigma that is Astrid. In the series you get a chance to see behind Astrid's facade to the event that began everything.

Audiences will root for both Chloe and Astrid alternately, making the idea of who is the "villain" one that the reader will be questioning throughout the series. You will sympathize with Chloe's need for the truth, and with her honest reactions to the horror she uncovers; at the same time you will root for Astrid to accomplish what seems like a possibly positive outcome. 

This book is groundbreaking, testing the limits of horror and science fiction with a Lovecraftian-style. The story is compelling and the twists and turns are many, never failing to capture the audience’s interest. Gail Simone's work is always amazing, and the artwork of both Jon Davis-Hunt and the cover artwork of Jenny Frison make this a visual treat.

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