Adam West The Bright Knight passes away

Tv's Adam Weat sadly passed away Friday night after a short battle with leukemia. When people think of adaptations of Batman a lot of people's minds may go to Kevin Conroy, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale or even Ben Affleck but not mine; no mine goes to the man in spandex running around frantically with a bomb in his hands. Adam West is the only Batman that didn't have to say "I'm Batman" for you to know he was Batman. He's the only Batman to hit people hard enough that words appeared out of thin air, Adam West is Batman.

But to today's generation Adam West may be best known for some of his voice over work. Adam West made a big splash as Mayor West in the television Show Family guy. He also voiced Catman in The Fairly Odd Parents, and did voice work for many other shows including Robot Chicken,The Simpsons,Jake and the Neverland Pirates and he voiced the Grey Ghost in one of my favorite episodes of Batman The Animated Series.


So today as I grieve the legend that we lost I'm also gonna turn to his works and laugh. The man can always bring a smile to my face and today that's how I will honor him. I'm gonna throw in my Batman 66 the movie and follow it up with some Family Guy and Fairly Odd Parents. This is a man whose memory will always live on through his numerous works that he's put out for us all to enjoy. 

And for fans of his tv series make sure to check out the Batman 66 comic series that are extra Adventures starring his Batman or check out the animated movie Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders if you haven't already.