Inkers,Colorists, and Letterers- the often forgotten heroes of comics

Inkers,Colorists, and Letterers- the often forgotten heroes of comics

When finishing a comic book we generally talk about the writing and art, if the art is good we praise the artists on the book naturally but it’s unfair to praise the artist without also praising the talent that enhances the art. I’m talking about the inkers, colorists and the letterers as well.  This article is in no way meant to discredit the artists in any way possible but to also give love to an important part of the art team that often gets overlooked.


Also to point out that this isn’t directed toward everyone, if you recognize these individuals then that’s great, this is meant to enlighten the ones that do over look these important roles. I myself was guilty of this until recent years when I noticed what a beautiful book The Mighty Thor was and found myself following colorist Matt Wilson. Here’s are some examples of his beautiful coloring, just stop and admire the colors in these pics. 



Both these books are beautifully colored by the talented Matt Wilson

Both these books are beautifully colored by the talented Matt Wilson

Here are two other great pics posted by another great colorist Tamara Bonvillain, who posted these on twitter to show how much color enhances a black and white picture



Before colors and after colors. Wow at what a difference there is.  


Another important role that people don’t truly understand how much they enhance the penciller is the job of an inker. Yes I know some pencillers also ink there own work but there are many more who don’t. Check out this image I found online to show the difference inks make to pencils



Also most comic book fans love Jim Lee, and for good reason, but they very rarely give love to Scott Williams who is the brilliant inker that Lee almost always uses. Check out what a difference Williams makes to Lees’ pencils. 


But like I said before, this article isn’t in anyway to make you take anything away from the penciler at all, this is just to get you to show praise to the entire art team. Colorists,Inkers, And also letteres have all fought to gain recognition for yeas and I can easily understand why because I also never took the time to fully notice them myself until recently. I’m gonna close this article off with a series of pictures from The Authority that shows the process of pencils,inks, and colors. And remember when praising the artists let’s take a few extra minutes to praise the whole art team





Black and Blue

Black and Blue