First off the following article contains extremely heavy spoilers for about 20 issues of IDW TMNT.  If for some reason you like Ninja Turtles, but haven't been following, you're missing out on objectively the best portrayal of The Turtles ever.  Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman take from the best moments in turtle history (movies, video games, cartoons, mirage comics) and combines them into one definitive version.  THIS IS TMNT.




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The IDW Collection Volume 1
By Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman, Erik Burnham
From TMNT #51

From TMNT #51

Hamato Yoshi AKA Splinter has always been the "Master" of the turtles, their martial arts teacher, leader, and mentor.  In IDW TMNT, he's actually their biological father, reincarnated (check out the TMNT micro-series, or the 2016 FCBD issue).  That helps give the story more depth and can sort of give validation, in some minds, for how all of this happens.

It starts in TMNT 44, the infamous "Death of Donatello" issue.  Almost losing one of his sons again at the hands of The Shredder devastates Splinter the most out of the cast.  He is given little time to grieve however, as the Shredder brings in Baxter Stockman to assault The Turtles in their weakened state.  Splinter Responds by challenging The Shredder to a Tournament where one will die, and that's when ish goes down. 


  • First Donnie gets his shell bashed in.
  • Splinter vs Shredder (YOU SHOULD REALLY READ TMNT 50)
  • Mikey wants no part of the foot even if foot means fam, but he still loves fam
  • Splinter tries to justify his actions, and goes after big fish
  • Splinter manipulates friends and uses them as pawns to achieve his goals
  • He also makes Casey a gang leader, causes Harold's wife to get injured, and kills again.
  • Friendships are destroyed and trust is broken

Coming close to losing one of his sons again seems to have brought up severe trauma in Master Splinter.  Trauma so great he is willing to go to any lengths to protect his family, even becoming what he hates most.  Using his allies as "assets", eliminating his rivals, and seeking more power.  It would seem he is acquiring the same power he warned the shredder about.  It'll be different to see The Turtles on their own without their master for a while.  Though Leonardo did seek his advice in a later issue, The Turtles are very much on their own.  Splinter's rationale seems to be that those in power cannot hurt his family, if he has all the power.  We all know what absolute power does though.  It may seem like i have spoiled alot, but there are so many other great plot points and arcs in this series which i haven't touched.  TMNT is unpredictable and consistently one of the best books out, I never mis an issue.  The series now on issue 68, you can purchase your issues on