Invincible #136 "The End of All Things" Part 4 Review

Invincible is coming to an end and that breaks my heart. It has been one of my favourite titles for years!


However, it ain't over yet! We have one more huge story before it's all wrapped up. In part four of "The End of All Things" the team are pitted against a swarm of Viltrumites. Thragg has been building his secret army for years and now it has been unleashed!

The battle is a classic Invincible. It's incredibly brutal and savage. There's barely an inch of this comic that isn't spattered in blood. Which is pretty awesome! Invincible can shock you at the drop of hat- so you can never really be sure as to where the battle is going to go! However, it isn't really anything new. We've seen Invincible fight against impossible odds. We've seen him get destroyed within an inch of his life! Hell we even saw him pretty much die that one time! (Before Eve brought him back)

Meanwhile, there's trouble at home. We are reminded of Terra and about how she is stuck in the middle of this war. She's just a young girl in a big, big, bad world! It's a very emotional scene, expertly handled by Kirkman. I love this sort of thing in Invincible. I know these characters and over the years I've grown to love them. Having them always fighting can be cool but it's these more grounded, emotional scenes that make the series awesome. Especially when they are contrasted with the big epic superheroey stuff!

I have no idea where this is all goin. A battle this big and epic could have been much closer to the end but we still have 8 issues to go! I'm very intrigued to see what happens next, especially considering the cliffhanger! The next phase of the plan is exciting and makes me very keen to read on. I know that Kirkman has some huge things in store for us fans!

Thragg is an incredible villain and I love how sinister he has become. I cant wait to see him finally confronting our heroes again.

Invincible #136's writing gets a B, there's a lot going on but the reader is being kept in the dark for now! So hopefully the plan will live up to the quality that this comic deserves.

The artwork gets an A, we've seen coole clashes in the comic (remember Conquest??) but there are an insane amount of Viltrumites in this issue and Ryan Ottley manages to make them all different! Then he shows them all getting destroyed!