Mother Panic/Batman: Milk Wars Part 2


Mother Panic/Batman: Milk Wars Part 2, by writer Jody Houser and artist Ty Templeton, continues the story of the Milk Wars, albeit, in a more conventional way than the previous installment. In brief, Violet Paige, aka Mother Panic, learns that a new "Gather House" (the place that tortured her as a child) has appeared and goes to destroy it. Upon her arrival Violet is confronted by, what could only described as, Bat-Priest and his choir-Robins, children who have been brainwashed by the milk. 


Unlike Milk Wars Part One, Part Two isn't as confusing for new readers. There's a brief synopsis of Violet's past at the beginning and her inner-monologue provides context. Some things will mostly leave readers scratching their heads like Violet's mother who has weird tangent that only Violet seems to understand, but these aren't pertinent to the story. Enough is left unexplained about the overall Mother Panic series that will, more than likely, entice people to pick up previous issues.


The thing about this issue thats going to reel in most readers is obviously the Bat-Priest, which is a really funny concept, although the comic never goes too wacky with this idea (except for a scene involving Alfred that will have them rolling in aisle). This part of the story evokes the 1960's Batman, illustrated by his cowl being pretty much the same as Adam West's and all the Robins somewhat resembling Burt Ward. The art, by Ty Templeton and Keiren Smith, has a similar quality to Michael Allred art, in that it has a classic style with bold lines and bright primary colors. There are a lot of little details in the background that range from funny to unsettling, such as a book that Bat-Priest hits Violet with titled “Book of Bat-Manners and a bat nailed to the cross in place of Jesus. One other design detail that may interest long time Batman fans is in Bruce's flashback, his design is based on the Batman Animated Series character model.


While Milk Wars Part 2 isn't as wacky and trippy as Part One, it is really funny to see a version of Batman that not many people would think of. Its almost a shame that he's returned to normal by the end. It would've been interesting to see how Retconn (the corporation behind the mind-altering milk) got the drop on Batman, but its not a huge concern. It'll be intriguing to see where all this is leading, as it hasn't been quite clear what the overall "War" will look like. If you're looking at the cover and are confused, but delighted, by the image Bat-Priest descending from heaven, definitely give this a read.


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