YDRC'S Premier Panels of 4/10/19 //Reviews

YDRC'S Premier Panels of 4/10/19 //Reviews

Welcome back to Premier Panels! A roundup of You Don't Read Comics highest rated comics conveniently brought to our readers in one place! In this installment Trickster causes havoc in The Flash #68, Marvel explores the continuing antics of the geniuses of G.I.R.L. in Unstoppable Wasp #6, Carol Danvers has an explosive reunion with Rogue in Captain Marvel #4, and Image Comics continue to impress with the sci-fi sleeper hit Oblivion Song courtesy of Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici. All this and more in another installment of Premier Panels!


Captain Marvel 4.jpeg

Captain Marvel 4 - Grade B+

“It looks like Carol’s time on Roosevelt Island is coming to an end, but any victory she has will probably be tainted by the memories of facing off with Rogue once again.”- Kellie Keener

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Dead Man Logan 6.jpeg

Dead Man Logan 6 - Grade A+

“Dead Man Logan #6 is a masterpiece. It combines deft characterization, great art, and fantastic story beats to create something that perfectly does its job. In the hands of another creative team, this could have been a glorified filler issue, but Brisson and Henderson give it the perfect amount of gravitas and fan service, making it truly special.”- David Harth

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Detective Comics 1001.jpeg

Detective Comics 1001 - Grade A

“Yet again standing as the uncontested premiere Bat-title, Tomasi and Walker deliver a momentous introduction to the Dark Knight’s newest group of villains and show the amount of prep time needed to take out Batman himself.”- Rick Lopez

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Flash 68.jpeg

Flash 68 - Grade A+

“Even though a lot is happening in this issue to push the story forward, and the Trickster comes off looking pretty cool, some of the execution is a little clunky and forced. Williamson has suffered from pacing issues before, but more often than not, he ends up sticking the landing in the finale. Cross your fingers that this is one of those times. Either way, James Jesse is getting the polishing up that he was in desperate need of. And, if that’s not enough for you, the horrific cliffhanger of this issue is worth the price of the book alone...”-Christopher Landers

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Justice League Odyssey 8.png

Justice League Odyssey 8 - Grade B+

“Continuing to outdo himself yet again, Abnett proves why this title was worth saving. Those strong character moments would be nothing without Sampere’s pencils. Darkseid proves to be the continual thorn in the side of this rendition of Justice League. As the series moves into its next arc, the ghost sectors os primed to be further explored on a larger scale as this title continues to find its way into readers hands.”- Rick Lopez

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Oblivion Song 14.png

Oblivion Song 14 - Grade A+

“Oblivion Song is a sleeper title, but a must-read nonetheless. With such high regard for The Walking Dead by many readers and non-comic book readers as well as the likes of Invincible, this series is poised for greatness while already off to a fantastic start with its second volume. Where writers could completely fumble a time jump, Kirkman makes excellent use of this device allowing him to push the story forward in all new ways while still never losing what made it great to start with.”- Rick Lopez

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Superman 10.png

Superman 10 - Grade B+

“Superman #10 is probably the best of this story arc so far. Bendis is able to craft a narrative that plays to his strengths in precisely the right way. It never gets bogged down by all the dialogue because none of it is superfluous or boring. Peterson's art is stellar, and while Reis has some sporty pages, the last big page is fantastic. This issue takes the story in a bit of a new direction, which hopefully Bendis can pull off. It isn't perfect, but this one is an enjoyable read.”- David Harth

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Unstoppable Wasp 6.png

Unstoppable Wasp 6 - Grade A

“It’s always going to be a bit difficult to find the right market for a comic book like this. A STEM-stressing social ensemble serial that is so obviously pointed at girls can feel like it’s reaching a bit too far to try to reach its target demographic. Thankfully Whitley and company are diligently piecing together a product that holds an appeal beyond its target demo. There’s nothing quite like this on the comic book rack right now. Hopefully, it can continue to find its audience as the series progresses.”- Russ Bickerstaff

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Wonder Twins 3.png

Wonder Twins 3 - Grade A

“Wonder Twins continues to be a weird, misshapen highlight in DC’s current publishing line. Three issues in and the series still have not hit a false note. Best of all, Gleek is finally center stage.”- Jason A. Fleece

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Wonder Woman 68.png

Wonder Woman 68 - Grade B+

“This might not have been the most exciting story, but in it, Wilson might have defined her tone on this book. She tells enjoyable, light stories best, and she has flexed that muscle big-time on Wonder Woman. Adding a ton of humor, while still keeping the big action pieces that this book is known for, Wilson has carved out a nice, memorable niche for herself, so far. Is it ever going to be the most exciting take on Wonder Woman? No. But it is a unique and satisfying take on the character that is carefully crafted, with exceptional attention to Diana’s inner workings, and that’s worth applauding.”- Christopher Landers

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YDRC's Premier Panels of 4/17/19 // Reviews

YDRC's Premier Panels of 4/17/19 // Reviews

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