YDRC's Premier Panels of 4/03/19 // Reviews

YDRC's Premier Panels of 4/03/19 // Reviews

Welcome to Premier Panels, a weekly roundup fo You Don't Read Comics highest rated reviews! This week, Rick Lopez dissects a story full of tiny Luthors and cybernetic cowboys courtesy of DC's Adventures of the Super Sons #9. In terms of Marvel titles, Christopher Landers discusses the character-defining horror of the Immortal Hulk’s 16th issue. Then Russ Bickerstaff reports on the cyberpunk drama of robots and reality in Image Comics’ Self/Made #5. All of this, a 60th issue miles stone for Harley Quinn, and more in YDRC's Premier Panels!


Adventures of Super Sons 9.png

Adventures of Super Sons 9 - Grade A

“With three issues remaining Tomasi and Godlewski continue to drive this series home and deliver another humorous segment starring these fan favorites. As Jon and Damian’s friendship remaining in question outside of this series, the clock appears to be against the boys for the foreseeable future. As Tomasi and company continue to bring the heart to these beloved characters, fans will be waiting in anticipation for this cherished series.”- Rick Lopez

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Prisoner X 2.png

Age of X-Man: Prisoner X 2 - Grade A

“The first issue ended with a note. The second issue ends with something much more devastating. The mystery ramps-up pretty heavily in this issue. There’s a steady increase in intensity over the course of the issue that gets kind of crazy at the end. It’s a fun trip, but it’ll be interesting to see if Ayala and company are able to maintain the kind of tight, clean rhythm for the remainder of the mini-series.”- Russ Bickerstaff

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Female Furies 3.png

Female Furies 3 - Grade A

Female Furies #3 is another triumph for this series. Castellucci goes a bit more subtle and it pays dividends. She uses this halfway point in the series perfectly. There's the feeling of a bookend to this one, the ending of somethings and the beginning of others. Melo's art keeps wowing, fitting Castellucci's scripts to a tee. Readers familiar with the Fourth World will see where the story is going from here but Castellucci's proven how good she can be, so it will great to see what she adds to what readers’ already know.”- David Harth

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Green Lantern 6.png

The Green Lantern 6 - Grade A+

“Morrison, Sharp, and Oliff work together to make something truly magical for longtime fans of the Lantern mythos as well as anyone looking for a new point to jump in. Their ability to bring entirely new aspects to this series while still using deep cuts and continuity long since forgotten displays the affinity and love for these characters and the medium as a whole from all parties. The Green Lantern continues to set itself apart from not only its predecessors but from any other book currently on the market.”- Rick Lopez

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Harley Quinn 60.png

Harley Quinn 60 - Grade A

”Harley really has some kind of serious breakthrough this issue.  Humphries, Basri and Sinclair bring together a really complicated world for Harley to inhabit that feels every bit as complex as Harley herself. On the surface, it’s a fun little sci-fi adventure, but there IS deeper dramatic energy lurking beneath the surface of it all for those who are interested in something deeper. This issue continue to exhibit the sharper elements of Humphries’ era of Harley Quinn, delivering a good story that works on any level a reader wants to engage it on.”- Russ Bickerstaff

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Immortal Hulk 16.png

Immortal Hulk 16 - Grade A+

“In the end, this review was just the tip of the iceberg in discussing the exciting things taking place inside the issue. There are significant reveals for several characters, plus the insane swerve ending that will leave readers’ heads spinning, so there are plenty of reasons to pick up this book. Ewing is defining this title for years to come, in the same way, that Peter David defined it for a generation in the ’90s. If you’re a Hulk fan, and you’re not currently picking up this comic, you’re missing one of the best possible versions of one of your favorite characters. Run out and pick up the Ewing trades immediately!”- Christopher Landers

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Justice League 21.png

Justice League 21 - Grade A

“Time and time again, this series proves to stand head and shoulders above the competition, in-house and otherwise. Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez bring the heat to the pages and title as a whole leaving fans chomping at the bit for more. Justice League is the premiere team book on the market and perpetually elevates further with every chapter.”- Rick Lopez

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Self Made 5.png

Self/Made 5 - Grade A

“Groom is showing a deft familiarity with the conventions of cyberpunk and simulated reality sci-fi. He’s not reinventing the wheel here, but he IS adding a few twists in and around the edges of sci-fi tropes that might begin to explore the nature of identity and reality with stylish new eyes. The issue feels like an introduction of sorts that stands quite well on its own as things shift gears into a new direction starting with the sixth issue.”- Russ Bickerstaff

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Spider Gwen Ghost Spider 8.png

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider 7 - Grade A

“Issue seven is called “Some Nights.” Some nights prove to be really, really well-executed by the entire team on the book. It’s inevitable that some nights might NOT end up working out so well in future issues, but for now, McGuire and company have a really good handle on exactly what to do with one of Marvel’s most interesting characters.”- Russ Bickerstaff

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Uncanny X Men 15.png

Uncanny X-Men 15 - Grade B+

“Uncanny X-Men #15 is chock full of good stuff. Rosenberg is churning out a lot of plots and they are all interesting enough to keep readers hooked. He's a master of fitting a lot into a book but making sure it never seems bloated or slows down. Larocca's line work is good, but GURU-eFX's colors don't do his pencils any favors. All in all, this issue is another brick in the wall Rosenberg is building and it will be wonderful to see how it all stacks up.”- David Harth

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