The Flash 3.19 "The Once and Future Flash" Review

So, is it just me or was this a better Flashpoint episode than the premiere? I understand that this was supposed to be a potential future, rather than an alternative timeline altogether- but nobody looked any older, so it fits!

In "The Once and Future Flash", Barry travels to the future to find out the identity of Savitar from his future self. Its a nice change of plan from screwing up the past- however, everything doesn't go as expected.


This episode was heartbreaking. The future is very bleak. Thankfully, everyone has aged really well in the last eight years! I mean, their lives are pretty depressing but they look great... Future Barry even has a lovely new emo haircut (clearly to go with his new emo attitude!). Although, I should point out HR's life is not miserable, in fact if anything, he is potentially a lot more respected and revered in this future than he is in modern day! His career choice post-team Flash is probably the comedic highlight of the episode.


At the beginning of the episode, we sort of just leave Killer Frost to her own devices. Which seemed kind of lazy but I was quickly swept up in the next adventure so it never really bothered me. It is also addressed by saying that he will return to present day as soon as he leaves.


It was great to see Mirror Master and Top back in action! I think Mirror Master is a great villain especially, and it sucks that he has been under-utilised thus far. Not that this is a great use of him either- but it's something! I'm glad to see that they are still around even eight years down the line.

In the latter half of the episode we get to see the future Flash costume, and although it took me a moment to adjust, I think I really like it! I've always wanted the costume to be a brighter red and so I hope that we achieve this look sooner rather than later! It won't be this season though considering that in the time where Iris dies, Barry still has his current costume. Maybe we'll get it next season!


He messes around in the future and helps out team Flash but at the end of all this, the plan is to go back and change things. So surely all of this is pointless? I really enjoyed the episode but it all seems to be pretty unnecessary besides the one piece of information that he returns with. Especially considering the information is not what he went looking for in the first place. 

Thankfully, the whole episode isn't incredibly depressing. There are glimmering moments of hope sprinkled throughout. I now want Barry, more than anything, to succeed in his mission to save Iris!

I'm giving the episode an A- and I'm very greatful that my favourite superhero TV show has returned to our screens!