The 13th Doctor is a WOMAN

Earlier today, the BBC announced that Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor will be replaced by Jodie Whittaker. In case you didnt notice, Whittaker is a woman.


 *cue the screaming sexist nerds*


Personally, I think this is a shot of creativity to a show that's become a bit too samey over the last several years. I'm excited by this decision. I believe that it's something we haven't really seen before (besides with Missy but even then, we didn't see the transitional period). I also happen to be a fan of women and of this actress in particular! (She is fantastic in Broadchurch!)

There's nothing in the rules of the show to dictate that this can't happen. In fact, one of the rules was the he could only regenerate a certain number of times, which the writers surpassed and everyone got on with their lives, including the Doctor. So if anything, surely the regenerations should be allowed to get a bit weird now? I say, bring it on!

Also, this will almost definitely boost ratings. Viewing figures have been at a record low for the series as of late, so they needed to do something big to fix that. This could be the answer!

Between current viewers continuing to watch and then everyone that has heard this news and is just curious to see why or how the Doctor has become a woman, we are likely to get a boost in viewers, at least for the next season premiere. Then, because it's a new writer, a new Doctor and a new series, I imagine it may retain a lot of those viewers because it won't be too bogged down with continuity! However, that will be down to the writer at that stage.

So good luck, Chris Chibnall! And one more thing, Chibnall has experience working with Jodie Whittaker as he wrote for Broadchurch. Hopefully, their experience working with each other will have a positive affect on the new series! Either way, let's give the new team a chance before we condemn them?