DC Universe Exclusive Justice League Animated Action Figures // Review

DC Universe Exclusive Justice League Animated Action Figures // Review


DC Collectibles released the Batman The Animated Series line, and made a huge splash a 4 years ago. Riding the nostalgia wave of the greatest animated series of all time, they were able to produce and flesh out not just Batman, but his comrades and rogues Gallery as well. However, though the character likenesses were spot on, lack of articulation and QC issues hurt the line early on. This was countered by providing characters with a bevy of accessories ripped straight for the best episodes of the series. It was easier to be forgiving when you had a stand for every figure and extra pieces to help bring the figures to life.

With the DCAU being as big as it was/is, it didn't take DC Collectibles much time to dive into other interpretations of characters from different seasons. This led to a TWO pack of Superman and Lois from the New Batman Superman Adventures. A show that would eventually bring us here to JUSTICE LEAGUE figures.

This box set is ONLY available through DC Universe subscription. A seasoned collector knows that this set is a gamble as it could just be repackaged or re-released. The other side of that coin is we could never see these figures again.

Let’s help you make your decision!



(See images of all the figures in the slides above)

The ensemble cast resemblance to the Cartoon Network Classic is uncanny. The build of each figure matches each the show. Batman being slimmer than Superman and Aquaman but not as slim as the flash. Diana and Hawkgirl are gorgeous. The headsculpts are all clean, with the eyes on John and J’onn, standing out as they should. It takes a little elbow grease to pop Hawkgirl’s wings into her back, but once they’re in they’re in. The capes are all a light rubber material, with Martian Manhunter and Batman’s drooping over their shoulders for that brooding look. There are some QC issues here and there but when it comes to looks this pack can’t be beat.


As mentioned before these figures sacrifice articulation in favor of sculpt, but man are these a mess. Don’t even thing about balancing Hawkgirl on those tiny heels, with those back heavy wings. It is impossible to get Wonder Woman to stand as well. Try bending her elbows to simulate a deflection and she’s gonna lose that arm. All figures have the same points of articulation except poor Arthur who missed out on the shin swivel party. The Flash should be the most poseable figure in the set, yet turns out to be the worst. Wally flops everywhere with his skinny legs, big feet, and loose joints. It’s pretty much Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern film, I expected it to be bad, and it was even worse.


The saving grace for the Batman line, turns out to be the Achilles” Heel of this set. THERE ARE NO ACCESSORIES! NONE! Not having a microphone stand for batman to sing “Am I blue?”, or J’onn not having “hentai tentacles”, but it’s pretty criminal to give Hawkgirl NO MACE,. Wonder Woman has no Lasso, John no constructs, and no figure stands are available for anyone. What has become standard in the regular release of this line isn’t present here., not even a hand which is a shame for poor Arthur. If you’ve been collecting the line, some pieces are interchangeable. You can move a hand around here or there, but with the price of this set and what you have to go through to get it, you shouldn’t have to.


This is the set you needed, but not the one you deserved. Lack of accessories, no figure stands, floppy joints. The entire set is a cash grab aimed at nostalgic fans and hard core collectors, which is fine, but a better effort could have been put forth. As a set that may see re-release or have accessory pack sold to us but at $224 plus membership fees it isn’t worth it.


(you can find the entire set here )


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