I shit you not, two minutes into the movie and Dom is already driving backwards, at 180 miles per hour, in a car that is ON FIRE!! I guess F. Gary Gary just decided since he didn't get the Black Panther gig, he was just gonna lose his damn mind! I wish i were in the production meeting when this movie was being developed....what cocaine pop rocks chewing motherfucker was like "ok ok ok ok....what if...and hear me out...what if...there's a zombie horde! BUT WITH CARS!" And this guy 

SHOOTS THEM ALL TO A FLAMING DEATH!!! It is magnificent! This movie beats you in the nuts 

F8 doesn't give a fuck about lame movie rules like plots or the laws of physics...It gives you the bare bones to get from one Rock Bottom to the next. Bad Guy that's never been heard of before blackmails good guy with something that's never been heard of before...BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT THERE'S A TORPEDO RIDING BESIDE US JUST FUCKING PUSH IT INTO SOMETHING ELSE SO IT WILL IN TURN EXPLODE AND SEND ROCKETS TO EXPLODE OTHER SHIT AND ALSO A FUCKING SUBMARINE IS SHOOTING SO MANY MISSILES AT US IT'S LIKE WE PISSED OFF DONALD TRUMP!!! Go watch this movie!!! I swear to the Gasoline Gods, it will make your dick longer!!! 

"We Made History"...you sure the fuck did..