GOTG Vol 2 Review

GOTG Vol 2 Review


I was lucky enough to go to the midnight screening of Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2. In this second instalment, James Gunn has returned as director (who else could do what he does?) and most of the cast return, with a few exciting new additions! 

James Gunn brings the zany characters and the crazy colours in the way that only Gunn can. On this occasion he very rarely lets up with technicolor splashes of fun!


With a cast as noteworthy as this you know to expect a high quality film. Which is exactly what you get with volume 2! The original gang all fit brilliantly back into their roles and the new characters are a welcome addition. We have Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone! What's not to love? Kurt Russell, as always, is a treat to watch and the perfect choice for Peter's father. I see the resemblance both in handsomeness and charm! I could have done with more of Sly but we were never told that he would be a big part of the movie so I'm not too disappointed.


From the opening of the film we are reminded that this is not an ordinary team of Superheroes. The Guardians battle the creature featured in the trailers but the way it is filmed is fun and unique- the battle is not the focus of the scene! It is extremely entertaining and hilarious!


This is a film about Peter getting to know his dad but also, it's about appreciating the family he has made for himself. Since we last saw these characters they have really fallen into a routine. The bickering is pretty much constant but that just goes to solidify their status as a family.

This film was darker than the first and it dealt with much heavier themes. There were several strong emotional moments peppered throughout. However, this doesn't stop it from being incredibly fun! Everyone gets something to do and everyone gets to kick ass.

In fact, Yondu was probably the surprising stand out of the film. I won't spoil how he comes to stand with the Guardians but it is very satisfying! Michael Rooker shines in this role!

Gamora and Nebula's ongoing sibling rivalry would have fit well into an episode of Looney Toons. The lengths that they go to while fighting each other were very cartoonish and rather funny. I really enjoyed the variety in these action sequences.

Groot is now the baby of said family, and he is every bit as cute as you imagined! I feel like Baby Groot was a transparent way to make a lot of money from merchandising, but if it started as that I must say they are forgiven because the character really works within the context of the film. 

One of my few complaints is that the film becomes a bit too reliant on CGI during the climax, making it pretty disorientating. The effects look incredible but it does almost become lights vs explosions by the end and unfortunately, no dance-off this time... which makes sense, I wouldn't want them reusing jokes!

While Gunn did not create these characters it does very much feel like he owns them, at least their cinematic interpretations. I will be very intrigued to see what the Russo brothers can achieve with the Guardians in Infinity War.

In conclusion, if you loved the first film then you will love this one just as much. I'm giving it an A! It's the same wonderful characters but in new wonderful situations! If you have a problem with talking raccoons and trees then much like before, this isn't the film for you.

Also, if you're a comic book reader, then prepare for the Stan Lee cameo and the MANY mid/post credits scenes! There are a lot of exciting things going down and it has me excited for the future of the galactic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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