MCU Pitch: What's after THANOS?

MCU Pitch: What's after THANOS?

This is my idea for who should be the big bad villain that runs throughout the Marvel Cinematic universe films, after they have dealt with THANOS, the mad titan, in Avengers: Infinity War (and potentially the sequel).


We need to sort out some sort of deal with Sony to ensure that they do not pull out any point though- because that seems like it is always a looming possibility and that cannot be the case for this idea to work.

It seems that there will be a lot more expansion within the cosmic side of the world and so in my opinion, after Thanos, we should have the cosmic side go in one direction while the Earth-based stories will go somewhere else. No cross-overs for a long while after Infinity War. Those characters don't need to return to Earth, so this shouldn't be a problem.

My ideal villain is Norman Osborn. So hear me out: no, he isn't bigger and more powerful than Thanos- but very few characters are! And anyway, we can't have more of the same idea. This would bring the MCU in a new and fresh direction, hopefully one that you guys are willing to follow.

So to kick off Norman's arc, we begin with the first solo Spidey outing after Infinity War. I'm suggesting that we have black suited Spidey. We get a film with this suit and Spidey becomes increasingly more violent and his morals becoming looser. It's the influence of the alien suit. Osborn observes one of these violent acts and begins to despise Spider-man. Much like Lex Luther towards Superman, there is a distrust. However, after whatever the main adventure is, Spidey gets rid of his suit and earns back the public's trust. Osborn does not go back to trusting the wall-crawler though. Instead he begins plotting. We don't necessarily need the black suit to set this off. We can just have it so that Osborn doesn't trust superheroes at all...



My plan will seem very Spidey-centric but I promise it will spread out to the wider MCU soon, so bear with me! I think Spider-man is probably the best Marvel hero though, so I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a little biased...

Next, we can have a Spider-man vs. Hobgoblin movie- because we've already had a Green Goblin centric film TWICE. So, in this version we have the Hobgoblin being someone hired by Osborn. He funds the Hobgoblin and provides him with prototype gadgetry, enabling him to be much like the comicbook counterpart. Spider-man continues to be unaware of Osborn's intentions and Hobgoblin is defeated (also, we would have some sort of inevitable B-story, perhaps introducing Harry Osborn to the school?). This film will show Osborn beginning to crack and lose his mind. However, we also begin to see him self-medicating. It's a small part of the film but this will plant important seeds for the grand climax of this phase.

Meanwhile, in other Earth based films we have rumours and rumblings of the shady business dealings that Osborn is taking part in. We see news of him buying particular companies and the science division of his company working on another attempt at the super soldier serum. Which of course he and his company will deny however the audience should begin to make connections between this information and Osborn's compulsion to self medicate. We could have SHIELD investigating him but have nothing come up. After all, Osborn is sneaky, powerful and very manipulative! I can see one of the post-credits scenes being Norman speaking to one of his allies, saying "I think it's time to work on a new Iron Patriot suit..."

Everything is going well for Spider-man and the Avengers until whatever the next large scale invasion is... It may be aliens, it may be an army of super villains. Either way, the heroes are becoming overwhelmed. The odds are against them! Until there is something that enables them to turn the tides. I'm not writing an Avengers film here, so you'll just have to roll with this vague pitch... they are about to strike a winning blow when suddenly, out of the shadows steps Norman Osborn, in his Iron Patriot armour, and potentially with his team of Dark Avengers. Of course, they don't go by the name Dark Avengers but that's what they are. Corrupt imitations of the Avengers. Semi-reformed villains in new costumes. I said potentially because we could leave them until the next film for a big reveal, it doesn't really matter.

For those of you who are unaware of this storyline, it occurred after Secret Invasion. In Secret Invasion, it was revealed that Skrulls had been disguising themselves as Earth's heroes and infiltrating their ranks. When they were revealed, it was Norman Osborn who took out the Skrull Queen. This earned him the public's favour and lead to him taking over SHIELD.

In the aftermath, Osborn disbanded SHIELD and founded HAMMER, a brand new global peace keeping task force. He essentially has the keys to the kingdom and that is an impressive position to be in. This is the culmination of all of Osborn's plotting and planning. I am not writing the film but this is my pitch for how to handle the next few phases! There is a lot of wiggle room in there for other heroes to tie-in. Within the Dark Avengers there are evil and corrupt versions of the main Avengers. Between reformed villains and characters who genuinely believe that Osborn could be good for the world. The comic book line-up can be changed for the Marvel Cinematic Universe but you get the idea I am going for, perhaps we could even get a few Defenders involved? Avengers vs Dark Avengers, with Osborn pulling the strings.

I think that Norman/the Green Goblin is an incredible villain and he has become so much more than just the Green Goblin. It's a shame that he has been wasted in previous films but I feel like their interpretations of the Green Goblin make it so that it would be a bad idea to once again try that villain. However, he is a huge part of the Marvel comics universe and he is integral to Spidey's story. He deserves to be in more than just one film.

Comment telling me how you would do it and if anyone has any great ideas that I agree with I may even add it in! (with credit of course!) In an ideal world, I would love to see Matthew McConaughey play Norman. He's an Oscar winning actor and I think he can play a sinister, dark and twisted man such as Osborn.

If you agree, share this article around and leave a like, this helps us a lot. I'm not a screenplay writer or anything, I just have a lot of ideas floating around my head, mostly concerned with Superheroes. If you enjoyed this pitch then let us know and I can write out some of my other ideas... (like my pitch for a Batman movie or a Predator and Jurassic Park cross-over film)



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