Poster art biting aside, Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 comes out today....and well, what is today?....IT'S STAR WARS DAY!!! Coincidence?...maybe...probably....but whatever, lets have some fun with one of the biggest (potential...yet unlikely) crossovers that could ever happen!

Like who even is Supreme Leader Snoke? I think it's fairly obviously just Yondu, who has sustained some horrible head-fin injury. Poor guy can't catch a break! What about Rey's parents?  Lonely kid...lost and abandoned among ruthless aliens and pirates...knows a little about tech and how to fly ships....sounds like Quill parenting 101 to me. I wonder if she knows who Jackson Pollock is. Who's next? Luke Skywalker and Ego have almost identical facial hair...

I'm calling it now....Ego is a Jedi. If anyone has any other intetesting "theories" then please lets hear them.