I HATE IMAGE (but I love Free Comic Book Day)

So this title is misleading- because I love Image Comics. A lot of my favourite comics are produced by the company. They consistently deliver high quality comics every month. So... what's this all about? 


This Free Comic Book Day, Image have released a very special issue of I Hate Fairyland, which is an amazingly nutty series filled with a LOT OF BLOOD AND VIOLENCE- it's awesome! This new one-shot, however, is called I Hate Image. The concept is that Gert, the main character, has had enough of being trapped in Fairyland and she wants to talk to the people in charge of her comic. It's very meta! To get to them she will hack and slash her way through Image's greatest hits, including Bitch Planet, The Walking Dead, Black Science, Saga, Paper Girls, Chew and far too many more to name! Don't let her appearance fool you, Gert may look cute but, as the Image universe is about to find out, she is a force to be reckoned with! Oh, and I assure you, It is rated M for a reason!

I Hate Image is incredibly fun and wildy entertaining. It is an absolute treat to see all of these iconic characters being rendered by the fantastically talented Skottie Young (Who also writes the series!)

If you've ever enjoyed an Image book, (and if you're on this site you most definitely have!) then be sure to pick this up on Free Comic Book day! There are so many fun surprises packed into the issue. You'd be mad to miss it. Unsurprisingly, it's more than worth it! (It's FREE, people!)