Black Bolt #1 Review

Ever since War of Kings, Blackagar Boltagon has been one my favorite characters.  Lately Marvel has the former King (and other inhumans) going through some rough times.  After  IVX, (and Royals), Black Bolt has been duped yet again by his brother Maximus.  His fate lies here...

The books opens up with Black Bolt in chains, locked away in a prison meant for his brother.  He escapes, and travels for days looking for an exit.  Being mute, do to his devastating power, Black Bolt cannot speak.  A large portion of this issue is told by the narrator.  The art by Christian Ward is Gorgeous and Saladin Ahmed's writing and direction is outstanding.  It reminds me alot of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's current run on Black widow.  You know you're a DAMN GOOD story teller, when you can do it with such few words.  Which is kind of helps when you're writing Black Bolt.

After walking to the point of exhaustion, Black Bolt finally meets another soul (who can talk). A fellow prisoner, of the super villain variety.  He handles himself in the manner of a king.  Bolt is alot like The Black Panther, very methodical.  He dispatches the threat effortlessly, and with great poise. 

The first issue ends with an great twist that should make this tale very interesting.  We're also left wondering if his imprisonment is self imposed.  After the events of Inhumanity, Civil War II, and IVX, the Inhumans have alot to answer for, and no one more so than their King.


  • Art: A Ward's pencils are on fire
  • Story: A+ Ahmed knows his Bolt
  • Dialouge: A Black Bolt isn't one for small talk,  but his body language and the narration were fanatastic
  • Significance: A Black Bolt's first solo outing, and has everything necessary to be a classic
  • Extra Credit: That Ending! +10

Final Grade: A+ IDK where F#@% Saladin Ahmed came from, but he just created a NEED from something I didn't even know I wanted.

Yes, he speaks volumes.

Yes, he speaks volumes.