Royals #1 and #2 Reviews

The Inhumans, characters Ive never fully cared for as a whole. Ive read some series off and on mostly because of my interest in Black Bolt and Maximus but its a group of characters that never excited me, until now. All these characters needed was a fresh start and a fresh creative team, and oh boy is it working wonders for them now.


The first issue is pretty straight forward, We get a nice scene at the beginning to tell us of the big adventure our heroes are gonna embark on and that one member will not make it back out alive. Then it skips back to present time with Marvel Boy visiting the Inhumans with a tale of a lost secret which sends them across the stars on a big adventure, and if that wasn't exciting enough on its own we get treated to a HUGE cliffhanger that I never saw coming.  Issue two deals with the outcome of that cliffhanger and how everyone aboard the crew is gonna deal with the current situation. Then to make matters worst they run into an army of the Chiatauri and the team gets called into action. We get some cool action and a pretty impressive power feat by a newer member of the Inhumans. Then when you think things couldn't get more exciting we get a massive twist that just put a big smile on my face. At the moment I am more invested in the Inhumans than I have ever been.

Now to give some love to the creative team. We've come to expect quality writing from Al Ewing but i think this could end up being the most fun work I've read from him yet. He seems to be most comfortable writing these crazy epic sci-fi books, I would personally love to see him on a Guardians of the Galaxy book soon myself. Then we have Jonboy Meyers on art, and this dude is gonna end up being huge. He has the most energetic crazy art I've seen in a while that reminds me a little of Joe Mad but with his own twist to it. I will follow any book this guy draws just because it's so good to look at. Overall these were two great issues and I am genuinely excited to see where this series goes.

I give #1 a 8.5/10 mostly because it was mainly setup

#2 gets a 9/10