Green Arrow #21 The Rise of Star City Review

Part one of the story Benjamin Percy has been building up to since the first issue of Green Arrow Rebirth, yet he also manages to make this a good jumping on point for new readers as well. The Rise of Star city which also looks like it will be The Rise of Green Arrow as well. To the public Oliver Queen is dead and Green Arrow is a wanted criminal, things can only go up from here right?

Story wise this was mostly a setup of things to come. We get a story of Oliver finding a secret of his dads past woven into the story of 3 classic GA villains and a new one to learn that they are working for the nefarious Ninth Circle.Speaking of the Ninth Circle, I love them so far. They are something straight out of a horror story and it's nice getting to see Green Arrow play in a genre he hasn't been thrown around in very much. 

The art is what really shone for me this issue. Juan Ferreyra is on his "A" game this issue and we are treated to some amazing double page spreads. He also gets to draw an airplane crash scene straight out of a big budget action film. Like Percy, Ferreyra really shines when it comes to the horror element, I love looking at his creepy designs he uses for the Ninth Circle and i hope we get to see him draw them plenty more times

Overall this was a great start to what Percy is calling the biggest Green Arrow story ever. I absolutely can not wait to see whats next on this adventure, and if it continues the way it started then it very well may be the biggest one yet. I give this issue a very solid 9/10