Green Arrow #24 The rise of Star City conclusion

We've made it to the epic conclusion of The Rise of Star City, and WOW what an issue. This issue has it all; top notch writing, beautiful art, perfect panel layouts, drama, action and one of those amazing cliffhangers that leave you itching for more. I just can not praise Benjamin Percy and Juan Ferreyra enough.

In this issue Green Arrow goes exactly where everyone doesn't want him to and that's under Queen Industries which happens to be the center of the Star in Seattle. While doing this we get Red Arrow and Arsenal v Brick and Chesire and also get some horribly awesome puns in the process. 

As far as the big ending of this issue we get a pretty bold choice on how the big bad is handled and Oliver Queen comes to realize that him and not Green Arrow is the only one who can save his city which leads to a big cliffhanger. I'm telling you this series is where it's at, I get excited just thinking about it.

I'm gonna give this issue a well deserved A+ 

Like I've said before, Benjamin Percy is doing the lords work on Green Arrow but I got to say the real superstar is Juan Ferreyra here. The way he lays panels out and handles each character is just amazing. The dudes gonna be huge and has cemented his place as my favorite artist working. I can't say enough good things about this book or the creative team, everyone needs to be reading this.