Green Arrow #25 review

I'm gonna start this review by saying that Green Arrow #25 is the perfect jumping on point if you haven't been following this series so far.

This issue starts with Oliver Queen in jail for his murder charges. Due to recent events in the city he's also having a hard time with the police, but as they harass him all he replies with is that he wants his lawyer. While Oliver is going through this; Black Canary is on the streets helping out the lower class people that are being forced out of Star City by the Ninth circle, I thought this was a pretty cool throwback to the days when Green Arrow and Black canary were about fighting for the smaller people. Oliver eventually gets his lawyer and bonds his way or of jail in time to help Black Canary fight some of the Ninth Circle underground. The issue ends with Oliver leaving the country to clear his name, much to the dismay of his lawyer and Black Canary.

All around this was a solid issue with great art. I still can't get over how consistently great the art is for this series. We get Otto Schmidt doing interiors this issue and he really shines when it comes to drawing Star City. He does good distinguishing between the slums of the lower class and the pretty city of the upper class.  I also got to throw some love to Ferreyra for the beautiful cover to this issue. All around I give this issue an A