Xmen Gold #5 review

Five issues and and Gold seems to have finally hit its stride, and all it took was Gambit and a new type of Sentinel. My biggest complaint so far with Gold is that it tries to hard to be a classic X book instead of doing something new, and while Gambit nor Sentinels are nowhere near new, we are treated to a new type of Sentinel that is as dangerous as ever.


Plot wise Gambit has gotten himself into trouble, and accidentally created a new Sentinel in the process, and the X-Men have to come to his rescue. This book is fairly action filled with the team struggling to take down these Sentinels as they adapt to the teams tactics. This Sentinel also isn't just going after Mutants, it's going after humans with genetic disorders as well which seemed like a cool concept to me.

Overall this second arc seems to be a big step up in quality over the first. Guggenheim is finally getting comfortable with the team and their dialogue flows so much better. The art is a step up as well, R.B Silva seems to be a way better artist than the previous but he really needs to work on some of his facework. I am gonna give this book a C+ grade, because even though it is a step up we still aren't getting much more than a wanna be classic X Men book.