Xmen Gold #6 Review

X-men Gold #6 by Marc Guggenheim and RB Silva

Six issues in and X-men gold manages to still be just alright. MY biggest issue with the series is still that it just plays everything safe. Its almost like they are to scared to try anything new or big with this team which is a shame because X-men Blue seems to be taking the exact opposite approach to their team. But even an alright X Book is better than most the recent ones we have had the past few years.

So last issue I mentioned that i loved the new Sentinels and what they were about, well this issue seems to mostly end that conflict while having the Sentinels do nothing at all really. yeah they caused some damage and explosions but we don't really get to feel that impact because they rush through that so quickly. Within the first few pages I got excited because we were seeing other Marvel heroes in this book and it was nice seeing the X-Men operate with the Marvel universe as a whole again. BUT once again they do nothing with that, they just show up in backgrounds mostly and I think Totally Awesome Hulk gets maybe one line of dialogue. The one thing this issue did do right was handle Rachel Summers, while shes knocked out she talks to both of her parents and basically reveals shes scared she could become either of them, because honestly who would want to be either of them? But then she wakes up from being knocked out and immediately beats all the sentinels and realizes what she was really scared of the whole time was herself.

I'm gonna give Gold #6 a solid C. It was a decent written issue and is good to look at, but they play it safe in every possible way and let's be honest; When have the X-men ever been about playing it safe?