Royals #4 Review

I really really want a full issue dedicated to future Maximus and his world, it's my favorite thing each issue. But now lets get to the review, Royals #4 was a really good issue even though not a lot necessarily happens. BUT Ronan the Accuser pops up to cause trouble for the Royal family and god god he is a beast.


So this issue deals with Hala, the world that was once ruled by The Royal Family before they left it. In their absence Hala has died and because of that the Royal family stand accused. That's the basic summary of this issue, their was once really cool scene of all the Royal family being accused of past things they have done, everyone seems to be upset by theirs besides Maximus who just laughs it off.

Overall this was a really good issue which we've come to expect with Ewing and Silas, when you get a book with those names attached then you know you are getting your moneys worth. I'm gonna give Royals #4 a B+