Royals #3 Review

Royals #3 by Al Ewing, Thony Silas, and Will Robinson

Royals is the Inhumans book I have always wanted, but the one thing I thought in the beginning is that more Maximus could make this book even better. Well this issue not only gives us more Maximus but it's all Maximus, and he is here to stay. At this point Maximus should be locked in a jail and Black Bolt should be the Royal family but that's not the case. We learn this issue how Maximus pulled off the big switch and had his brother locked away and him in space with the Royal Family, and the best part is that they can do nothing about it. I am almost 100% positive Maximus will end up being the hero of this book, because we all know everything he does is for the good (at least in his head that is). 

I also like that Ewing threw us off in the first issue making us think Black Bolt was the future last inhuman shown when in fact it is Maximus the Mad. I also like that we got to see the past,presents future of Maximus from his perspective. We also got to his and Blackbolts parents, how their Inhumans powers worked and how they experimented on their own children for them to get both of their powers. Everything  about this series works and even though I was fully on board in the beginning I am even more so now.