Batman #21: The Button Review

Batman #21 was the beginning of "The Button" a four part cross-over story which will go into why The Comedian's (From Watchmen) button ended up in the Batcave.

The issue was pretty cool but not very plot-driven. Very little happened in terms of story development but it had an incredible face-off between Batman and Reverse Flash. Batman being my favourite hero and Reverse Flash being one of my favourite villains; this made me VERY happy! New 52 Reverse Flash was ok but the yellow suit is iconic in my opinion. I'm happy that he is back but I have a suspicion that this also may be the last we see of him. I really hope not though!

Jason Fabok's art is incredible. So many of these moments are enhanced by his incredible talents. Both characters look great and I can't wait to see what other great moments Fabok gets to bring to life next!

Now I must admit at times that I can be quite a fanboy but I know that Batman doesn't really stand a chance against Reverse Flash but this issue made the confrontation plausible. Batman didn't miraculously kick his ass but he managed to stand his ground. Which is exactly what makes him awesome.

We also have the really neat idea that The Flash has said that he will be there in one minute. So the issue is counting down the whole time. It takes more than a few minutes to read but the issue takes place within about two minutes! That makes the Reverse Flash's attack even more impressive.

Seeing the Comedian's button again is pretty exciting but we don't get any answers in this issue- just more questions! I loved Rebirth and I loved Flashpoint so I'm very excited to read stories relating to these events again. However, that should have been this. It's rather disappointing that this feels more like another prologue rather than the beginning of the event. I'm really hoping the The Flash #21 has something more substantial to satiate us readers. The action in the issue is awesome but I have come out with more questions than I had going in, which I am not a fan of. If something had been explained this wouldn't be a problem, I don't mind having new questions but only when we are given something else first.

We had a potential reference to a Watchmen character at the end, whom I hope we end up seeing sooner rather than later! There are only another three issues in this event after all and if they keep up this slow pace the event could end up being a major disappointment.

I'm rating this issue a B. Upon initially reading it I was super psyched- but upon rereading it I realised that there isn't enough in this for all of the hype it received. Perhaps the hype was the problem? If this issue came out like any other issue, I would have been blown away but this has been a long time coming now, so it didn't fully satisfy me. Either way, I'm still incredibly excited for what comes next!