Green Arrow #22 review

Seattle is under attack and our heroes are struggling trying to save civilians and try to find the threat at the same time. Here we get my favorite moment of Green Arrow so far in this series. It's a really cool moment of Oliver in a firefighter suit helping the firefighters save people from a burning building, It was just really cool and helped get some of the people of Seattle back on his side and remember he is a hero. We get some more action scenes of Black canary and Emiko saving civilians and a fight scene between Oliver and 3 of the 4 horseman working for the Ninth Circle. This is where we learn that they are basically doing this as a distraction to keep people's minds off what's really going on, which involves geographic lines of ancient energy shaped like a star with Queen industries in the center. Yeah it sounds odd but it does work for the story.

Also in this issue we get Oliver struggling with the fact that his dad was a member of the ninth circle and taking his problems out on Dinah, which led to an argument that worked as growth for their relationship. And then the issue ends with a big cliffhanger, while Roy and Diggle are on their way to help Oliver,Emiko, and Black canary.

I'm gonna give this issue an A, I like that Percy is bringing his story to a full circle. Oliver has been dealing with the Ninth Circle off and on for 22 issues now and yet they have managed to not overstay the fir welcome yet. I've been very pleased with the Rebirth of Green Arrow and I hope the quality keep up through this series. Another thin I want to bring up before this is over is Ferreyra's art. I swear it gets better every issue and his fight scenes are just perfect, you can almost see every movement that the characters make. I can't wait for this arc to end and it looks like next issue will be big with Diggle and Roy on their way, hopefully we get some good fight scenes and I can't wait to see some interaction between Roy and Cheshire.