Jean Grey #1 review

So when Jean Grey was first announced I had no intention at all of picking it up, it's not that I dislike the character but she just don't seem to be the character that needs a solo. But after reading X-Men blue and seeing how strong of a character she's become I figured I would give it a shot, and I am glad that I did.

The story starts with a cool run through of future Jeans life and it serves to show us that this isn't the same Jean we have been reading for years and her future isn't set in stone just because she's the past version of this character. We get to see some fight scenes with the Wrecking Crew and see Jean struggle to be a good hero and do the right thing. I always love seeing scenes like this, these heroes aren't perfect and we need to be shown that every now and then. The issue ends with The Phoenix coming for Jean which basically means that her future as the Phoenix may be set in stone whether she wants it to be or not

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how good this book was and it looks like it could end up being the best X book from Marvel right now. It seems to be succeeding where Blue and Gold aren't at the moment. I'm excited to see where this series goes and I'm gonna give this issue an A.