X-O Manowar #2 review

I want to start by saying  that I haven't read any of this character before this series. I figured it would be a good jumping on point since it was a rebrand and had Matt Kindt writing. With no previous knowledge of the character I feel this was a good stat, while also making me want to go back and read up on the character as well.

Since I didn't review #1 I will do a quick summary of the first issue. The first issue is about our main character Aric being settled down and married on a planet called Gorin. He's trying to live a peaceful life as a farmer with his wife away from his special suit. As we know though trying to live a peaceful life never works for a hero and he gets drafted into a civil war that's taking place on the planet. He gets put on the front lines of a battle basically to be killed to protect the good warriors (because he's missing an arm)where he then proves himself to be a good fighter himself.

Issue 2 he learns he will be leading what looks like a suicide mission, to break into the enemies headquarters to shut down their shield so the military can breach the city. He gets information that causes him to divert from the mission a little but also allows him and his crew to be successful in their mission. After proving successful they learn that the another objective has been added on to the mission, Aric is pretty pissed to learn of this and initially refuses but is then told he basically has no choice or they are gonna be overrun by the enemies army that is waiting for them.

Overall I like what Matt Kindt is doing with the story even though it isn't the most original idea. The artworrk and coloring look great, like something you would see out of an 80's fantasy comic book. I do like where this story is heading and both issues have been pretty action heavy and that's never a bad thing. One small complaint for me is ,having never read the character before, that I want to see him in his suit and he hasn't worn it yet. I do like that the suit seems to be sentient and wants to help Aric even though he refuses to use it. Another cool thing is that Aric forges the suit into a ring and it brings up the point that Aric and the suit are wedded now and they both need each other. I am excited to see whats ahead for this and i plan to go back and read up on the character and eventually I will do a whole article on him and his history as well.


Overall I give this story a B