Luke Cage #1 Review

Luke Cage (post Afro and Tiara) has always been a "urban every-man".  Even with all his Power and experiences fighting to save the world, Cage has always been about the little guy.  David F. Walker and Nelson Blake II tap into that groundedness (is that a word?  I googled it, it is) here.

The story starts with Cage handling a kidnapping situation.  Those who aren't familiar get a good sense of his problem solving skills.  Not only does Cage WHUP ASS, he educactes and tries to improve the lives of those he helps, and the offenders as well.  My man is like a BULLET-PROOF social worker, and a comedian on top of that.

We then see a retelling of cages origin story, making this a great jump point for new readers.  Walker introduces some new characters, and hints their possible motives.  Issue #1 ends on a cliff hanger leaving our "Heroe For Hire", in dire straights, and possibly even more grounded.


Art: A+++ Alotta you might not know this, but Luke Cage is a Pretty Ass Mo Fo', and I've never seen him as pretty as Nelson Blake II drew him in this issue.  THE ART CLEAN AF!

Story: A walker killed it, he touched pretty much every part of what make Cage who he is in one issue.

Dialogue: A Slang/Vernacular on point.  Characters sound how they should sound when read. Cage is hilarious as well.

Significance: A+++ There should always be a Luke Cage solo running.  It's a book we need for a whole lot of reasons, and after Powerman and Ironfist and this one issue... I'm convinced it should always be David F. Walker writing.

Final Grade: A+ Best book I read this week, and I read Hella books.  Get it NOW!


luke cage 1 first shot.jpg