The Beauty #15 Review

The search for the Narcissus killer continues! Detectives Foster and Vaughn meet with the charismatic talk show host who so strongly advocates The Beauty and can't help but be impressed by her.  She makes plans to go out with them after the show, but is brutally attacked in her dressing room

New and shocking details are revealed about the killer, and the final pages have a great twist to them, making the reader question even more about the murders. The storytelling is kept taut and suspenseful but also simplistic in its approach. Readers will identify with Vaughn and her struggle with a dark family secret. The killer takes center stage, though - it's hard to believe all of our questions about the killer will be answered in the next issue as promised!

Rating: Art: A - simple and effective; Story: A - suspenseful and intriguing. Dialogue: B+ - it felt like there were a few events that didn't make sense as there wasn't much dialogue to explain/connect them. Significance: A - a story which questions the role of beauty in every aspect of life is a topic obsessed over by most of society, and this story shows the dark side to being judged by one's appearance.