Motor Crush TPB Review

Let me start by saying I have absolutely zero interest in racing, NASCAR, the Grand Prix, anything like that. Despite that, I was hooked by this comic from page one. The format is very similar to what you might see surfing the Internet - every page has statistics about locations, racers, probabilities, and advertisement at the push of a button. This format keeps it fresh and interesting and often is quite funny as well.

The basic story is set in a futuristic world where racing is everything - Domino Swift is a promising new contender by day and an illegal street racer by night. She races for an illegal drug called Crush which is added to motorcycles, cars, etc. to make them go faster.

The competition for the race-enhancing drug is fierce and those caught attempting to steal it are dealt with swiftly - as Domino sees when an acquaintance is caught and force fed Crush, causing his head to literally explode.

Known only to Domino and her adoptive father, Domino was born addicted to Crush - as in she *must* consume it to stay alive. Domino knows very little about her past and her father refuses to talk about it, but much is discovered during the course of the book.

This book is like a breath of fresh air - new, original, funny at times and packed with worthy plotline and stoytelling. The plot is tense and thrilling and the characters are sympathetic and interesting. The illustrations are a bit cartoonish, but that only adds to the semi-comical visual format.

Score one for the girls with this book - very female-empowered with an ass-kicking heroine. I highly recommend checking this one out! Rating: Story - A; as I said it is both tense and fun at the same time and will definitely catch one's attention; Art - B; again, semi-cartoonish but very appropriately so; Dialogue - A; this is where the title really excels, in its dialogue and relationships between characters; Significance: A - A strong positive female lead doing all she can to overcome what amounts in her case to a crippling illness while still kicking butt and taking names? Yes please and thank you!