Revival Deluxe Edition 4 TPB Review

Tim Seeley's amazing series Revival comes to its conclusion at last - why are there Revivers? Why can't they die? What role does Martha Cypress play in the events surrounding Revival Day? Prepare to have your questions answered and your mind blown by this absolutely amazing story.

The most impressive thing about this series has been its unflinching ability to ask the hard questions - what are the religious and moral implications of Revival Day being chief among them.

All questions are answered in this final installment, including the mystery surrounding Martha Cypress's murder. Throughout the book we are treated to revelation after revelation as the characters question what life is really about.

The writing is exquisite and the artwork is, as usual, perfectly suited to the story. There's not much I can say that won't give away major plot points but believe me when I say this is *the* book to read right now. Rating: Story - A+; Art - A; Dialogue - A++; Significance - A+.