Sex Criminals #19 review; Everybody goes Deeper

There's a conversation in this issue where Suzi tells John " I thought we were supposed to be done with the weird shit" and Jon replies with " I don't think the weird shit is done with us". That conversation sums up Sex Criminals perfectly. 

Hell this issue opens up with a song called "The Wide Weiner man". That right there tells you what you are getting into. Over all this is another solid issue of Sex Criminals, the pacing is still somewhat slow but the character interactions are so good you can forgive that. This issue really really focuses on the tension between Susie and Jon's flawed relationship. Outside of that we get some side story of the Wide Weiner man and how his story connects with Susie and Jons story. 

I'm give this issue a flat B, the art is great as always and the dialogue is amazing. Matt Fraction shines best when it's focusing on the troubled relationship between Jon and Susie that he somehow manages to make feel so real. But the overall story arcs tend to move very slow at times. It was still another solid issue of this good series.