Kill or be killed #9 review

This issue starts with Dylan in the process of getting his medications when he suddenly finds himself caught in a trap. After that we're given a little backstory on how this trap was came to be and what led up to it. Then we're back to the present where shit gets real fun. The whole rest of this issue is Dylan dealing with the outcome  of the trap and how he keeps going down a spiral of batshit insane situations that came from the trap. Just as the issue ends we find out he's in even worst of a situation than he was to begin with.

All in all this was a very good issue, everything from the drug dealers to the Russian mob was just amazing.It's a well, fast paced thrilling read that I'm gonna re read as soon as I finish this review.  Ed Brubaker is on his A game as usual the overall story,pacing and dialogue is all well written. Sean Phillips art looks really good and is beautifully complimented by Elizabeth Breitweisers' coloring. I'm gonna give this issue an A+