Divided States of Hysteria #1 review

Divided States of Hysteria is probably gonna be controversial , and honestly I'm almost positive that's what it's designed to do. But writer Howard Chaykin is no stranger to controversy, his book Black Kiss was banned in the U.K. and Canada so that's kind of what he's known for being. 

But getting into the story the United States is in the process of getting over a tragedy with another soon on the horizon. That right there sounds like it would be pretty interesting right? Well that's too bad because this first issue isn't.

I personally am not a fan of the writing or art in this book. The writing jumps between perspective of different people multiple times making it a jarring and irritating read. Another big issue is everyone that this issue focuses on are shitty people, it's hard to care about these characters or want to be invested in them when they are such horrible people. And it's almost like Howard Chaykin is trying to be controversial for the sake of being controversial and it comes off ridiculous at times. 

I'm gonna give this book a "D" I did not like the writing,art, or the direction that Howard Chaykin seems to be going with this book. It's a shame though because I actually looked forward to this series up to this point. There may be an audience somewhere for this book but I am not one of those people that it was for.