Regression #2 Review

Regression may be the most unsettling book being written right now, and I mean that in the best way possible. Issue 2 picks up immediately after issue one ended with Adrian dealing with the outcome of his past life Regression and how it has somehow already made his horrible life worse.


This issue somehow makes the last issue seem tame with the weird factor and also manages to flesh out the main character Adrian a little bit more. This is a man that is being tormented and Cullen Bunn does a great job writing this. Also we are treated to some new characters that look like they could eventually become a problem for Adrian down the line.


Overall this was another well written issue and the art is once again really good. Danny Luckert really seems to shine on art duties, especially when it comes to the more supernatural/horror elements of the story. I also like Luckerts facial expressions, they perfectly convey the torment that Adrian is going through. 


I'm gonna give Regression #2 and "A"

It's a well placed story that is unsettling yet you can't keep your eyes off of it. It also helps that the book is just fantastic visually as well. If Regression keeps up this quality of work then we're in for a good ride.