Chunks #1 Review

 Little else captures the filthy, disgusting and downright sweaty punk subculture more than ‘Chunks’. Named after the titular band ‘The Pineapple Chunks’, this book is a punk fever dream. As far as a #1 goes, Chunks is exceptionally well written, drawing the reader in with crude comedy, likeable characters, and a sense of energy within the group as if action is always around the corner. A Cracking (no pun intended) Peep Show reference aside, the characters are exceptionally well developed given the fact that this is a single 23-page comic book. The archetypal roles of the rebel, the leader, the level head and the lactose intolerant storm onto the page in anarchistic fervour.  

Story – A


I cannot fault Cris Canfailla’s art here whatsoever. The wonderfully cartoonish style adopted by Canfailla is the perfect fit for this grounded yet outrageous cast of characters. The minimalistic muted colour palette is beautifully implemented; representative of an up and coming band gigging in hell knows where, trying to make it big. Canfailla’s small splashes of colour give a dynamic excitement to the panel in different situations such as the local fuzz cracking down on the band with electric dominance.  

Art – A+


‘Chunks’ may certainly be Garvey’s love letter to the punk genre, but he has managed to create a chaotic world of noise, quite a feat to put on paper. As far as Matt Garvey is concerned, Punk is most certainly not dead.

Final Grade – A+

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