The Ether #1 Review

So, there I was, four racks deep in my LCS looking for the next big thing to grab my attention and dig my teeth into. The owner; sensing my need for something new and knowing my soft spot for smaller independent titles ushered me towards ‘The Ether’, a new #1 from Matthew Garvey.


The Cover I was met with was simply divine. A compassionate love story to the covers of old, believe me when I say this cover was made to be displayed. This of course is a testament to the skill of Dizevez. Her beautiful, realistic, digitally painted art is a masterpiece to behold. The warming colour palette used to contrast against the cold, dark night, and the neon colours of the criminal underworld, unnatural in comparison to the real world. Art - A



I was so overwhelmed by the impact of ‘The Ether’ that I felt compelled to reach out to Matt to tell him. Let’s not forget that this is an independently published comic book. The quality in terms of product and story exceeded that of what I have come to expect from bigger titles and with more charm to boot. Imagine my surprise when a humble and generous writer replied with a free copy of Chunks #1 as a thank you. The gesture was enough, but Chunks was a journey.
Final Grade – A


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