We are back with the second issue of REDNECK by writer DONNY CATES and artist LISANDRO ESTHERREN, with colorst by DEE CUNNIFFE and letters by JOE SABINO.

Our favorite family of Texas Vampires are back... and The SHIT! Has HIT! The FAN! The events of the first issue have JV and Uncle Bartlette at each others throats (pun intended). Seamus, Greg, Perry, and the others are all trying their best to stay calm while the threat of exposure and violence gets very real ..and Texas has a whole lot of Sunlight.... So what is JV's plan of action? What would any sane, rational, and responsible vampire do in this situation!?....we'll never know...because that's just not the kind of vampires we're dealing with down here in the Lone Star State.

Now for this week's Grade

ART: A (Lisandro and Dee are killing it on this book....They nail the Texas scenery and feel. It's bright in the sun and it's dark in the's scratchy, and rough, and frantic in places and it fits this story like a glove.)

STORY: A (Cates strikes a good blend of action and world building. There are some side glances at character development here and there, but this issue is consequence driven, while the last page puts us at the apex of some seriously bad shit.)

DIALOGUE: B+ (This book is tight on the dialogue, there's no long-winded exposition, there aren't so many word bubbles that you can't see the panels, everything is spaced out and it feels like every line is important. The only downside is that this issue felt like it took a step back from issue #1 in terms of personality, but Shout out to JOE SABINO on letters...that man is doing work!)

SIGNIFICANCE: A/A++ (This is a two-pronged category. First the significance of this issue to the story: It gets an "A" because it obviously has, and sets up, the most important events up to this point. The book gets an A++ because it's Donny Cates and he's quite possibly the most "On Fire" creator on the indie circuit right now and we are witnessing the rise of a Star!)

Final Grade: A+!! Hook 'em Horns!!