Defenders #2 Review

Love him or hate him but Brian Michael Bendis can work his magic on street level heroes, and that's exactly what he's doing with the Defenders. It also helps having frequent collaborator Davin Marquez on art duty, his artwork is always easy on the eyes.


Defenders 2 starts off where issue one ended, with Luke Cage poisoned. And where else do you take a street level hero in need of medical attention? That's right, the Night Nurse. We also get an appearance by Blade that basically is just to show us that he's running around still and to set him up for future appearances. Then we get the Defenders v Diamondback where they gets their asses handed to them.


It's easy to praise the writing when BMB has wrote all these characters before very well, and in Jessica Jones case he created her. He gets these characters and this series seems to prove it. Some people may not appreciate the netflix style take on these heroes but it's hard to complain about that when that's how comics are these days. This was a damn good issue that I'm gonna give an easy A+ to.