Justice League #39 Justice Lost Part 1

Justice League #39 Justice Lost Part 1

Still reeling from their encounters with new villain The Fan, The Justice League find themselves under Cyborg's leadership while their judgment is put under the microscope. Christopher Priest and Ian Churchill continue their character study on the Justice League with a focus on Cyborg in this issue. The main Justice League and Justice League of America team up and attempt to fix problems across the nation while Cyborg is met with absolute scrutiny by his race. At first many seemed happy about his new appointed role, throughout the issue this will change dramatically as the citizens feel less important than non-minorities.


Priest and Churchill show how the two Justice League teams can't seem to work together while solving different problems. These problems cause decisions to be made and met by disapproval as citizens are left behind. Many citizens feel The Justice League is only paying attention to the areas with more money leaving the poor to fend for themselves. Cyborg keeps a level head throughout the issue displaying why Batman chose him for the role. Priest continues his long game while weaving multiple story threads in this ensemble cast that all manage to tie together in his signature style.

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Ian Churchill is the perfect artist for Priest's run on Justice League. Churchill is able to fit so much on to each page allowing Priest to fully flesh out his stories. Priest always has so much to say in each respective issue, Churchill compliments him perfectly allowing the story room to breathe. Churchill’s pencils never slack on detail highlighted in his ability to capture the the slower moments of the comic giving each character their own identity and personality. Churchill's character expressions and stylized look adds a synonymous look for Priest's run. From nighttime in a wdestrpyed city to the blistering heats of the desert, Alex Sollazzo's colors made every scene stand out from one another. From the brightest colors to the darkest colors Priest put his artists through the ringer detailing this issue in every scene.

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Taking some small cues from the Metal event and beginning to set pieces in place for Justice League No Justice, Priest sets the stage for what's to come while still keeping the focus on his story. Priest continues to display his absolute control over an ensemble cast as he takes readers through his more ground level run with the Justice League. As the run continues Priest piles on more layers with each issue in what will hope to be an epic conclusion before No Justice behind this May.



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