Justice League: No Justice #4 // Review

Justice League: No Justice #4 // Review

Having reached Earth, the Justice League must now face against the Omega Titans in this final showdown. Scott Snyder pens this series alongside James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson, accompanied by the return of legendary artist Francis Manapul as the curtains draw down onto this epic space opera, making way for the upcoming ‘New Justice’ line of books this June and July. While still remaining important, ‘Justice League: No Justice’ serves as a great interlude event after Dark Nights: Metal and leading into what’s still yet to come from the three new Justice League titles.


Marcus To and Riley Rossmo helped with picking up the slack between issue two and up to this final issue for Francis Manapul, but his return is an absolute Godsend to this series. Every page explodes with detailed imagery, becoming very obvious as to what Manapul spent the majority of his time on, chalk with larger than life scenes, taking this epic another step further as it concludes in huge, over-the-top fashion. His use of the larger splash pages allows for big, bombastic team layouts and action shots while also also cramming more into the overall narrative, yet losing none of the detail in the process. Hi-Fi yet again acts as another way to elevate the material, truly bringing this cosmic summer blockbuster off the page in a grand finale.


The series wraps up in a fast paced, somewhat convoluted, fashion, similar to that of Dark Nights: Metal. Continuing to remain important but also not taking itself too seriously all at the same time is one testament to the series, alongside the memorable character moments developed from these unorthodox teams. Overall remaining true to form with each respective character, this series is fun for new and old readers alike while creating a direct “in” into a handful of new books yet to come.


The series acts as an almost-appetizer for the main event of Scott Snyder’s upcoming Justice League book, with small samples of the other future team books on the horizon. Manapul’s art completely sells the series all on its own, but it’s the added great character moments that wrapped the series all together neatly with a bow. While just a placeholder for the absent Justice League and Titans titles, the Justice League proper book seems to be the series to lookout for, arriving next week.


Grade: A-

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