YDRC's Premier Panels of 3/13/19

YDRC's Premier Panels of 3/13/19

Welcome to another week of Premier Panels, You Don't Read Comics' weekly round-up of our top tier reviews! This week saw the premiere of such titles as Dark Horse's Black Hammer '45, Marvel's Domino Hot Shots, and Oni's new horror series Mourning in America. We also saw the origin story of the twisted alternate universe version of Batman called The Grim Knight, and 12-issue mini-series Dead Man Logan reached the half-way mark. Check out these blurbs from our staff, as well as links to each titles’ review!


Auntie Agatha Home for Wayward Rabbits

Auntie Agatha’s Home For Wayward Rabbits 5 - Grade A

“Giffen and Roman end the issue on quite a little cliffhanger. They do so in a way that is suitably stagnant for a series which has become so defined by idle moments in the lives of those living in impending doom of losing their homes and ultimately their lives. Once again, Giffen and Roman brilliantly develop a very unique blend of satire and serious drama.” - Russ Bickerstaff

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Avengers No Road Home 5

Avengers: No Road Home 5 - Grade A-

“The introduction of one more hero at issue’s end is meant to have a bit more impact than it probably does. This may be a mega-popular legendary hero who first appeared at the dawn of the twentieth century, but Marvel has a decades’ long history with the character and his appearance here just isn’t nearly as impressive as it needs to be. . . And given that the introduction at issue’s end is kind of a jarring smash-cut of a thing, it’s difficult to say quite precisely where the series is going from here, but a major conflict has ended, and further adventure awaits next issue.” - Russ Bickerstaff

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Batman Who Laughs Grim Knight 1

Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 - Grade B+

“Reaching the halfway point of the mini-series, but still lacking anything of any real importance or anything of actual significance has yet to happen. The second half of the title will have to pick up the slack and prove to readers why these villains deserved to survive past their initial debut last summer. The two Justice League writers take a break from their main titles to just have fun and let loose with a friend and bring some heavy fan service to store shelves.” - Rick Lopez

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Black Hammer '45 1

Black Hammer ‘45 1 - Grade B+

“Fawkes and Kindt prove to handle this series with the love and care Lemire deserves while still leaving their own mark on the title. Although World War II pastiche is new grounds for Black Hammer, it fits perfectly with the overall pre-established universe. With a jaw-dropping ending to show that this is more than just another war comic, this is series begins to be something truly magical.” - Rick Lopez

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Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 7.57.26 PM.png

Catwoman 9 - Grade A+

“With this issue Selina has acquired a talented pair of accomplices in Ram V and John Timms. It’d be nice to see her working with the two of them in more of a long-term relationship. Naturally the dynamic would be likely to change throughout a multi-issue story, but it’s undeniable that Ram V and Timms have done something here that manages to rival anything that Jones had built-up in her initial run writing AND drawing the series. The cleverly concise 22 pages here feel every bit as masterful as Kyle herself in a thoroughly enjoyable issue. Next month Selina saunters back over to work with Joëlle Jones with artist Fernando Blanco to resume the regular chronicles of the Catwoman.” - Russ Bickerstaff

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Dead Man Logan 5

Dead Man Logan 5 - Grade A+

“Dead Man Logan #5 is another triumph in a series that has been full of them. Brisson again flips the script on readers, seemingly closing out one plot while opening doors for others. Will Logan go back to the Badlands? Does Mysterio have a new plan? What is up with Miss Sinister going down so quickly? It's anyone's guess where this book will go, but if it's anywhere like it's been, it will be well worth it. To top it off, Mike Henderson's pencils are the perfect accompaniment to Brisson's script. Dead Man Logan has it all.” - David Harth

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Domino Hot Shots 1

Domino: Hotshots 1 - Grade B+

“Hopefully, as the series continues the creative team will keep the great work. Going forward, maybe more characters from the larger Marvel universe will make cameos as allies or villains, helping to cement Domino’s place among the ongoing titles offered by Marvel.” - Kellie Keener

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Gunning for Hits 3

Gunning for Hits 3 - Grade A

“Once again, Rougvie, Mills and Silver put together a very novel and unique style of story to the comics page. In these first three issues, Rougvie and company have painstakingly drawn a very distinctive narrative onto the page. There might be a bit of a jarring cut between the story and the ‘Back Matter’ at issue’s end and there might not be a clear sense of where things might be at the beginning of the next issue, but this third issue of Gunning For Hits feels nearly flawless nonetheless.” - Russ Bickerstaff

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Morning in America 1

Morning In America 1 - Grade B+

“This is a substantial first issue, setting the table for an exciting mystery and a detailed character study. This book is excellent for fans of Stranger Things and Paper Girls, though whether it continues to follow in those other stories’ footsteps or steps out on its own to do something new and unique remains to be seen.” - Jason A. Fleece

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Spider Gwen Ghost Spider 6

Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider - Grade A

“A street-level vigilante girl looking to help people has an identity that is publicly known. And she still wears a mask because...it’s cool. Semi-professional freelance super-hero-ing in the age of the internet with options open for internet business makes for an interesting dynamic that should be fun to explore as the more traditional aspects of spider-personing loom into view from that dim room with the Man-Wolf. This is a fun issue from beginning to end.” - Russ Bickerstaff

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Wonder Twins 2 - Grade A

“Wonder Twins continues to be the ridiculous shining star of DC’s teen-oriented Wonder Comics line. This issue is a gem, and shouldn’t be missed. Plus, this issue featured a brief cameo of Gleek--hopefully, he’ll feature even more prominently next issue...” - Jason A. Fleece

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