YDRC's Premier Panels 3/6/19

YDRC's Premier Panels 3/6/19

Welcome to another installment of Premiere Panels! You Don't Read Comics roundup of our favorite issues from throughout the week. There were a lot of great titles this week ranging from Image's now classic Deadly Class to the debut of new favorite Marvel's Meet the Skrulls. Here are some words from our team of writers, along with links to their reviews!


Age of X Prisoner X.png

Age of X: Prisoner X 1 - Grade B+

“Drama and atmosphere are satisfying in the first of five issues that are likely to take place entirely in prison for superhuman mutants. The introduction to the series isn’t quite as amusing as it could have been. So many questions can be brought about for prison for superhuman mutants in this particular dystopia. A more systematic immersion into the facility might have rendered a more profound feeling of imprisonment, but this issue has the story to deliver that needs to weave into the rest of the series, so pacing needs to keep up with everything else going on in the multi-title, ‘Age of X-Man,’ event.” - Russ Bickerstaff

Read the rest of Russ’ review here!

Avengers 16.png

AVENGERS 16- Grade A

“The pairing of Aaron and Marquez has achieved pleasant alchemy with this issue. The Avengers have tried to go in the direction of the demonic and supernatural in the past without quite managing anything anywhere near as impressive as they’ve accomplished on a more cosmic level, but with Aaron and Marquez crafting the story, they fit right into the action horror superheroing. If they can string together a few more issues like this, the Avengers might finally have a satisfying brush with the supernatural.” - Russ Bickerstaff

Read the rest of Russ’ review here!

Avengers No Road Home 4.png

Avengers No Road Home 4- Grade B+

“Nyx is actually a really cool villain with a profoundly resonant background, so the issue feels satisfying as it leads-in to the halfway point of the twelve segment No Road Home mini-series. The story of Nyx and her kids almost feel drawn from some end of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and into a more aggressively brutal Marvel iteration of godliness. This issue’s pacing sets things up quite well for rising action that will doubtlessly rush through the fifth issue.” Russ Bickerstaff

Read the rest of Russ’ review here!

Books of Magic.png

Books of Magic 5- Grade A-

“Although billed as the first meet up between Timothy and Daniel, the current Sandman, this chapter still finds its charm sans the Lord of Dreams. Howard and Fowler continue to produce a heartwarming title for this imprint and to store shelves as a whole. With horror waiting around every corner, Timothy is in for a rude awakening after being on an impromptu vacation in The Dreaming.”- Rick Lopez

Read the rest of Rick’s review here!

Cemetery Beach 7- Grade A+

“This issue was under much pressure to wrap up the series in a satisfying way, and the creative team rose to the challenge. The ending answered some questions while also leaving many things unanswered. In many ways, it’s not the expected ending, but it’s the best ending the series could’ve had.” - Kellie Keener

Read the rest of Kellie’s review here!

Daredevil .png

Daredevil 2- Grade A-

“Chip Zdarsky seems to have upped the ante from where Charles Soule left the book, and he seems to have an entirely new course set up for the Murdock Crazy Train in mind. One of the best books at Marvel is as good as ever, and it’s hard to find a reason not to recommend it to EVERYONE.” - Brandon Masters

Read the rest of Brandon’s review here!

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 8.52.50 AM.png

100 Page Giant: DC Primal Age- Grade B+

“The only thing that seems to hold back the comic, frankly, are the designs set by Funko. Over the top to the point of parody, what works for action figures invoking He-Man doesn’t always work for a comic design. If the artists had been allowed to let loose in their models, it’s very likely this comic would have become one of the best crazy experiences DC has come up with in decades. As such, the result is just a fun romp with action figures smashing into one another in some He-Man kind of world. And sometimes, that’s all you really need.” - Brandon Masters

Read the rest of Brandon’s review here!

Deadly Class 37- Grade B+

“Deadly Class #37 exemplifies what makes this book so enjoyable, even if the art isn't as high as it used to be on every page. Remender can stuff much deft characterization into the book very subtly. Craig's art is a little rough in places but shines throughout the last two-thirds of the book. It's a shame that this isn't the Craig of the book's earlier days, but this one is a still a banger.” - David Harth

Read the rest of David’s review here!

Die 4.png

Die 4- Grade A+

“It’s hard not to argue that this is one of the best comics out there, and easily the best fantasy comic around right now. If you’ve not picked up Die yet, and Fantasy is even remotely your bag, this comic needs to be in your collection. Or you could wait for the trade, though you’ll be waiting until June for that.” - Brandon Masters

Read the rest of Brandon’s review here!

Female Furies 2.png

Female Furies 2- Grade B+

“Female Furies #2 adds to Castellucci's abuse narrative while also adding new wrinkles to the story. Adriana Melo's art continues to impress, bringing a level of emotion the story needs. The only problem this book has is that many readers aren't ready for the very frank discussion of misogyny and sexual abuse this comic puts forth and especially don't want to see it in the Fourth World. However, the art and writing are top notch, and that's all that matters.”- David Harth

Read the rest of David’s review here!

Harley Quinn 59.png

Harley Quinn 59- Grade A

“Humphries’ issues of Harley have been strangely erratic in kind of an appealing way. Traveling off into some weird Kafka fugue for 20 pages seems to fit the kind of weirdness that the title has been engaging in of late. It makes perfect sense in context even if it seems like kind of a departure from everything she’s dealt with thus far — a strange, little dream of an issue that’s not without its charm. “- Russ Bickerstaff

Read the rest of Russ’ review here!

Immortal Hulk 14.png

Immortal Hulk 14- Grade A+

“Overall, if you’re a Hulk fan that’s been wondering where Betty has been the last few years, this is the issue you’ve been waiting on. Ewing is pulling all of the classic elements of this title back into place, and it seems like he’s just getting started. The Immortal Hulk is a flawless book, and it only gets better as it goes.”- Christopher Landers

Read the rest of Chris’ review here!

Meet the Skrulls 1

Meet the Skrulls 1- Grade A-

“Serendipitously releasing as the upcoming Captain Marvel film brings the Marvel Universe’s oldest alien race (the Skrulls first appeared in Fantastic Four #2 in 1961) back to prominence, this first issue is a promising start to what could be a modern classic, provided it continues to find its own voice.”- Jason A. Fleece

Read the rest of Jason’s review here!


Self/Made 4- Grade A-

“Once again it’s a comprehensive package from beginning to end. There’s behind-the-scenes info at the end of the issue. Among other things, the team reveals some of the research that’s been done on the Sydney, Australia where the issue’s action takes place. Between that and a regular podcast complete with further background information, the engrossment of the total package for Self-Made is another example of what comics need to do to continue to feel vital in a world of so many other competing forms of media.”- Russ Bickerstaff

Read the rest of Russ’ review here!

Uncanny X-Men 13- Grade A

Uncanny X-Men #13 is chock full of good stuff for X-Men fans. So far, Rosenberg is focusing on rebuilding Cyclops, and he's succeeding wonderfully. Man on a mission Cyclops is the best Cyclops. The team line-up is intriguing and could lead to a lot of fun character interaction. Bringing back classic costumes, including Wolverine's best suit, is another significant element. This feels like an X-Men book in a big way, and that is very important, given the creative trials these characters have gone through over the years. One of the biggest strengths of this issue is that it has a standalone issue feel, the kind of book that can be handed to a new or lapsed reader and they could get into it quickly, while also giving a great little hook to keep them coming back. This is a near perfect comic.”- David Harth

Read the rest of David’s review here!

Young Justice 3.png

Young Justice 3- Grade A

“Young Justice #3 continues the series’ marriage of meaningful character development and fantastically drawn action, in its reintroduction of a long-beloved character. Superboy’s re-emergence broaches nostalgia, but also adds depth and mystery to the character, showing promise of how Bendis plans to have these revered characters grow, while still respecting their pasts.”- Christopher Holden

Read the rest of Christopher’s review here!

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