YDRC's Premier Panels 3/20/19

YDRC's Premier Panels 3/20/19

Welcome back to Premier Panels, You Don't Read Comics' weekly round-up of our highest-rated reviews. Marvel dominated March 20th's releases with Doc Samson having a heart to heart with the Immortal Hulk, Kamala Khan entering a Magnificent new ongoing, and Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley redefining the Life Story of Peter Parker. Other highlights consisted of Skottie Young's Middlewest title from Image comics, while the Justice League meet their future in issue #20 of their ongoing.


Age of X-Man NextGen 2.png

Age of X-Man NextGen 2 - Grade A

“A solidly entertaining issue for the second month in a row lends Next Gen the distinction of being one of the better (and possibly the best) of the Age of X-Man mini-series. Exciting characters are going through exciting things.  The danger is right around the corner from everybody, and there isn’t a character in this issue which isn’t in over his or her head in ways that aren’t totally apparent to them just yet. Hopefully, Brisson and To can maintain this quality through the end of the series.”- Russ Bickerstaff

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Immortal Hulk 15.png

Immortal Hulk 15 - Grade A+

“Overall, this issue might be light on action, but Ewing took advantage of the slower pace to give the readers the answers they’ve been clamoring for. If you’ve been following this book from the start, this is a must-read. It is, without a doubt, one of the most critical issues of the series, so far, not just for its main character’s personal revelations, but also for the startling, game-changing cliffhanger.”- Christopher Landers

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Justice League 20.png

Justice League 20 - Grade A

“Snyder and Jimenez work together and produce yet another fun and memorable chapter for the title. Standing as DC’s flagship series, Justice League blows its contemporaries out of the water with the high art and ever imaginative scripts to back it up. As this new arc continues, more surprises lie in wait as the countdown to Year of the Villain continues.”- Rick Lopez

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Magnificent Ms Marvel 1.png

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel 1 - Grade A

“It would have been easy to imitate precisely what was done in the previous series, but the creative team appears to be building on what happened while adding their own unique spin to the story. If the first issue is anything to go by, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel is going to be a can’t miss series.”- Kellie Keener

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Meet the Skrulls 2.png

Meet the Skrulls 2 - Grade A

“Unlike the first issue, which seemed to be trying too hard to be The Vision, with this issue the series has clearly found its own voice. Meet the Skrulls is an excellent mashup of sci-fi, espionage, and family drama, and is shaping up to be a must-read part of the Marvel Universe. Highly recommended.”- Jason A. Fleece

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Middlewest 5.png

Middlewest 5 - Grade A

“Young and Corona are constructing something that feels quite distinctly unlike so much that litters the contemporary pop fantasy landscape. It’s grounded in standard fantasy elements, but Young and Corona are carving-out something that feels genuinely fantastic. No need to bog down the narrative in so much detail. Young and Corona are wisely allowing the fantasy to be fantastic on its own.”- Russ Bickerstaff

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Spider Man Life Story 1.png

Spider-Man Life Story 1 - Grade A+

Spider-Man - Life Story has the potential to be a classic for Marvel, and it’s not hard to imagine it being a contender for the Eisners and other comic awards this year. A lot will depend on the execution down the line, but with a book firing on all cylinders like this, that hardly seems like it’ll be a problem. Don’t miss out on what may go down as a modern classic.”- Jason Dincauze

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Miles Morales Spider Man 4.png

Miles Morales: Spider-Man 4 - Grade A+

“Miles Morales: Spider-Man #4 might be the platonic ideal of the perfect Spider-Man comic. It features a charismatic villain who has set his sights on our hero, a crew of compelling supporting characters for Spidey to bounce off of in his secret identity, a love interest, New York City as a backdrop, comedy galore, and lots of web-slinging action.  Best of all, it’s a done in one story, rather than the continuation of an arc.”- Jason A. Fleece

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Uncanny X Men 14.png

Uncanny X-Men 14 - Grade A-

“Uncanny X-Men #14 is a plot-heavy chapter but is able to squeeze a lot in and not feel bloated or boring. Rosenberg knows when to cut around, giving all of these plot threads an excellent sense of momentum that keeps things moving while still setting things up for the future. Larocca's art looks great, but his action scenes could use more fluidity and a feeling of movement. All in all, this issue continues the streak of quality this book has been on since X-Men Disassembled ended and maintains it's pitch-perfect rehabilitation of Scott Summers.”- David Harth

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Wolverine Infinity Watch 2.png

Wolverine Infinity Watch 2 - Grade A

“Wolverine Infinity Watch #2 doesn't really add much new to the story, but it doesn't need to. The fun of this book is Logan and Loki getting thrown into bigger and bigger situations, and this issue delivers on that in spades. The pacing really puts the reader into the chase and Duggan keeps things action-packed throughout. MacDonald's art perfectly captures the breathless momentum of the book. He delivers excellent action while also doing wonderfully expressive character work with everyone in this book. Two issues in and this book remain stellar.”- David Harth

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