The Terrifics #13 // Review

The Terrifics #13 // Review


 The Terrifics #13

February 27, 2019 by Rick Lopez

The sheer love for the medium of comics, superhero comics specifically, is incredibly apparent and abundant across the board with Jeff Lemire. Working alongside well known artist Joe Bennett, proves lucrative as he brings a more fitting vintage aesthetic to the title. While DC’s ‘New Age of Superheroes’ imprint cancels one book after another, this series stands to survive even after Lemire is set to ultimately leave the book.


With the last issue concluding with Mr Terrific at the mercy of Doc Dread and his team of Dreadfuls on Earth 23, his wife’s multiversal counterpart comes to his aid as they take on this group of wicked doppelgängers together. As his distress signal finally reaches back towards main Earth, the rest of the Terrifics must join forces once again to save their leader and reunite the team. Reaching out to a previous ally in their journey through the multiverse, The Terrifics show up at the nick of time as this chapter closes.


Long time artist, Joe Bennett (Immortal Hulk) brings a much welcomed more vintage look that fits the series like a glove. As an almost love letter/back hand at Marvel’s First Family, Bennett’s artistic sensibilities lend themselves greatly for this particular title. Whether high action, traveling throughout the multiverse or just a touching character moment between a man and his wife from another universe, Bennett truly drives this issue home. The colorwork of Mike Spicer keeps with the Silver age aesthetic this series has become synonymous with and gives Bennett’s work that added life and overall vibrance.


This epic and heart felt love letter to Kirby and Lee takes inspiration from their first creation together while still managing to make it something completely original and all its own. Never one to shy away from larger concepts and the world at large, Lemire is able to put characters like Plastic Man and Tom Strong in outlandish and entertaining multiversal adventures together and making it work.

As the series continually manages to set itself apart from the very books that it has taken inspiration from, Lemire and a long line of talented artists continue to create new and interesting aspects of the DC Universe by using familiar concepts.


Lemire and Bennett knock this issue out of the park as the countdown for Lemire’s departure from the title rears its head. Although Lemire has obviously taken inspiration from Marvel’s First Family, he still manages to make this title into something unique and special for readers. This love letter to the Silver Age of comics continues to live on in excellence while it’s contemporaries crumble to the wayside.

Grade: B+

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