Panels and Covers of the week: 26th April 2017

Panels and Covers of the week: 26th April 2017

Welcome to what will hopefully become our new weekly segment! As a team, we read a whole stack of comics each week and after much debating and bickering we have concluded our favourite covers and panels from the last week. Considering there are so many to choose from we have broken it down into 4 companies: Marvel, DC, Image and other. (Other isn't a company, that's for Valiant, Dark Horse and companies that don't release as many titles weekly).

So let's get stuck in! We will start with covers!


Marvel: Ultimates 2 #6

I don't really know what's going on in this cover but it's pretty mesmerising... What an awesome design!

 DC: The Flash #21

The cover to issue 21 was a lenticular cover, so it switched between Reverse Flash and Reverse Flash getting destroyed. Special covers always earn extra points in my opinion! Also, it's always exciting seeing that button on a cover!

Image: Bitch Planet #10

Theres something cool about the Bitch Planet covers, they're like pop art posters!

Other (Dark Horse): Alien: Dead Orbit

James Stokoe wrote and did the art for this book, including this epic cover! That dude is talented.

Ok, next up: our favourite panels! We didn't read that many Image titles last week so we're skipping them for this week. Let us know in the comments what panel you think should have been featured for Image!

Marvel: Secret Empire #0

This incredibly badass moment when Hydra Cap tricked Captain Marvel into getting locked out of Earth! Honestly, who can stand in his way now? He's pretty much swept the board of all potential players. There's a lot of controversy surrounding this arc but personally, it has me (and a lot of the rest of the team here) really hyped for whatever comes next!


DC:  The Flash #21 (again!)

The big reveal at the end of The Button's second issue. What a cliff hanger! We love Flashpoint Bats so we are very happy to be hanging out with him again. Grab the tissues because this reunion could get emotional...


Other:  Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 (again!)

This issue was an incredible surprise, almost as much of a surprise as this guy got! Best part of the Alien franchise has always been the horror and suspense, which this issue provided!


Tune in next week for more of our favourites What comics are you enjoying? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to like us on facebook so that you can be part of the discussion next week.

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