XO Manowar #3

XO Manowar #3 by Matt Kindt and Tomas Giorello

XO Manowar is the best Conan the barbarian book out right now. Now let's get to business on this review. 

XO Manowar has always been about war in some shape or fashion, and this current run is really focusing fully on War. The best thing about this current run is Matt Kindt focusing more on the man outside of the suit than the man inside of it. You really get a full understanding on how formidable Aric is on the battlefield and how smart he is on the battlefield. The man was good enough to to pull himself and his team out alive from a suicide mission they were sent on in this issue and get a battlefield promotion as well. 

This series is also very heavy on the action which tends to make the issues fast reads. That normally may not be the best thing out of a comic book but it allows you to stop and appreciate the gorgeous artwork done by Tomas Giorello (who did my favorite Conan comics). He has a real eye for detail and brings a much needed old school fantasy look to this comic.

Overall this was another great issue that is fast paced, full of action and gorgeous to look at. I'm still not sure what is gonna happen long term for this run but as of right now it's hitting all the right beats. I give it a solid A